Hire a machine from The Pendle Pig

The Pendle Pig is a catering team in Lancashire who have a fierce passion for hog roasting.

Mouth Watering Excellence

They are revered in the sector for cooking up some of the most delicious pigs out there and they have lots of experience catering for all types of events, from formal weddings and black tie corporate dinners to informal birthday parties. They cater indoors and out and can cook enough food for small occasions to events with hundreds of people in attendance. But catering is not all that they do. Hire is another hugely popular option that you can choose.




You be the chef

Machine hire is an excellent alternative if your budget is tight and you don’t have the money required for a professional catering team to come to your event and cook a scrumptious meal for you. It’s also the preferred choice for people who like to be in the driver’s seat and do things on their own watch. It’s ideal for summer barbecues and informal parties but because of the nature of spit and tray roasting it’s also viable for just about any occasion, from bonfire night to special Christmas dinners and parties.

What people don’t realise about hog roasting is that it’s unbelievably easy; you don’t need to be a professional chef to cook tender, juicy meat and rich, crispy crackling. The secret of a mouth watering roast is buying good quality produce and having the right tools at your disposal, i.e. a hired machine from The Pendle Pig.

All that’s needed to make an unforgettable BBQ with one of their spit roast machines is to season your meat, skewer it and power it up – the device will do the rest! In a matter of hours you’ll have food that smells, looks and tastes absolutely amazing.

Monthly, weekly and daily hire options are available. Machines can be hired alone or with the inclusion of a prepared and ready-to-cook hog. So what are you waiting for? With professional equipment from The Pendle Pig you too could create tasty hog roasts in Lancashire. Visit their website today for more info.