240 years of US Marine Corps – Three facts you need to know

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The 10th November 2015 celebrates the US Marine Corps’ 240th Birthday. It is an occasion of pride for many, set to mark the long legacy of this high-performing military group. ‘The Marines’, as they are commonly referred to, are versatile fighters often facing the toughest conditions – both at sea and on land.

The Marine Corps itself has roots in the Second Continental congress of 1775, where an agreement was made to raise a battalion of marines. The marines were fighters to support ship fleets, and were first used on a raid in the Bahamas in 1776.

Now the marines are a combined arms-task force, working in a number of areas. The big 240th birthday is set to be marked with a birthday ball, a message for the occasion and of course, the cutting of a birthday cake! Why not be part of celebrations yourself and celebrate the history with these three facts:

3 essential points about the Marine Corps

1)      Semper Fidelis – this is the official motto of the marines, and became so in 1883. It is Latin and means ‘always faithful’, reflecting the strong bond the marines have to each other and their aim to protect country and people.

2)      Considering the symbols – the marines don’t just have one symbol, but three! These are a globe, an eagle and an anchor. Whilst the Eagle represents the country of America they are defending, the globe emphasizes their worldwide reputation. It is the anchor which then reflects the ties with the navy.

3)      The sword – The sword married by marines is the oldest weapon in the US armed forces which is still serviced!

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