4 amazing facts about CCTV!

CCTV cameras are ultimately set up to promote our safety and to keep surveillance. Yet they are often met with complaints, including people arguing that they feel like they are being ‘spied on’. However, this is not the case, as cameras are typically installed in places which promote the best interests of the public. They put safety first, and this matters! After all, it is important to recognise that the video footage provided by CCTV provides crucial evidence in a number of court cases.

Therefore, perhaps it’s time to see CCTV in a new light and embrace the good it does, rather than complaints against it. You may be especially impressed with the following facts:

Did you know?

1)      It is estimated that the average citizen, when out and about in their working life, passes an average of 300 cameras! Some of these will be keeping check of the streets, whilst others a are part of protecting business and property.

2)      The largest system of CCTV however is assumed to be in Singapore Airport – where there are an estimated 3,000 cameras!

3)      Harrods, the famous department store in London, is known to take the safety of its staff and stock extremely seriously! After all, there are some very pricey pieces in there. It is estimated that 500 cameras keep the store under close surveillance

4)      There is a link between CCTV camera installation and reduced home robberies, with some experts suggesting that up to 67% of burglary incidents could be prevented if good CCTCV cameras were installed.

Feel the benefit

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