4 Christmas gifts you can make yourself

There is a lot of pressure around Christmas time to get the right gifts for people: and this involves a lot of thought in itself! For example, you may question what a person really wants – after all there is so much choice everywhere. Then there are other worries. Are they a person who seems to have everything? How much money should you spend? Will you be able to afford it all? Fortunately, one way to avoid these endless questions and the Christmas shopping crisis, is to make your own gifts. By creating your own personalised presents, this is a true mark of dedication to loved ones – and can be easy too!

fleece fabric
The ultimate surprise

Making Christmas gifts can be rewarding in itself and often only takes a few basic resources. It’s a way of ensuring that the recipient won’t have another present like it! Why not consider some of these ideas:

1) A personalised poster – growing in popularity are sheets of A4 card, printed and framed, with certain words, phrases and pictures you associate with that person added to them. These may include snippets of memories, favourite song lyrics – the list goes on! It is a lovely personal present.

2) Romantic tokens – stylised IOU vouchers to your significant other can be a sweet gesture at Christmas. You can make these as pretty as you like, perhaps through using decorated card and stencils and including your own personalised messages.

3) Christmas plush – you can create a simple soft toy by cutting two generous circles of fabric, before sewing them partly together, filling with stuffing and the sealing. This gives you the ideal foundation to create your own cuddly Christmas creature, and to make it extra luxurious with fleece fabric and ribbons!

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