4 ways to ensure your airgun shot is right on target

The New Year offers new opportunities for the world of sport, especially when it comes to airgun events and target practice. After all, going to a shooting range in the winter can be an evocative British tradition! You can also get the year to a great start by improving your aim: and it’s more straightforward than you may first think. By following a series of thoughtful steps you can even improve your skills…

Some things to think about

1)      Ensure the gun is a good fit – a number of people make the assumption that one airgun size fits all: when this is not the case! Good accuracy is maintained by having an appropriately fitting gun. If a rifle, for example, you must ensure the cheek piece fits appropriately. Two essential areas to consider are maintaining correct eye-alignment with the scope and ensuring that you have a comfortable length of pull for the trigger

2)      The perfect pellet – when it comes to shooting an airgun well, the ammunition you choose is important for your accuracy. Pick a selection best suited to you, your budget and also the type of material you will be shooting into. Many people use dome-headed pellets

3)      A ready routine – it matters to get into good habits early when you take up an airgun. A routine to your shoot ensures that you give yourself the best chance of being accurate. Why not try the process of consistent holding, followed by balancing your aim, then trigger technique, topped up with careful loading. All these are important areas to consider

A fine fit

Therefore a number of factors are involved in ensuring an accurate airgun shot. A business aware of this is Solware, providing a wide range of airgun options including Walther air rifles and many more models. For more information you can visit their website: www.solware.co.uk