A Beginners Guide to Airsoft

Airsoft is an incredibly popular, active and fun military simulation sport offering a multitude of benefits. The sport could be described as similar to paintballing, however it has one huge difference – instead of paintballs being fired, small plastic pellets are used as projectiles. Also the weapons used in airsoft simulate actual firearms!

Are you looking to get into airsoft and start a journey that you are unlikely to ever forget? Here are the basic steps that you should follow…



  1. Save up some money so that you can purchase your airsoft weaponry and accessories.
  2. Buy your gun! This step is slightly harder, with three main types of airsoft gun to consider we thought we best provide a brief introduction to each: Spring gun – these guns utilise high power springs to launch bb pellets. Electric gun – these guns are powered by electricity. Gas gun – these guns use as to propel bb pellets incredibly quickly. If you are ever in doubt about which style of airsoft gun you should select, we would advise either speaking to a reputable gun supplier or somebody already established within the airsoft world.
  3. If still in doubt as to which airsoft gun to choose after speaking with a professional, it is probably best practice to consider one of the three most popular guns. These are: LPEG (low power electric gun), MPEG (mid power electric gun) and AEG (automatic electric gun).
  4. In addition to purchasing your airsoft gun, you will also need to stock up on airsoft pellets and purchase protective clothing such as goggles to keep you safe in the field.
  5. Next, it is a good idea to track down others interested in airsoft. You could either find a team to join, or if you can get some of your existing friends to take up the sport also – you could form a team of your very own.
  6. Then you need to find a place to practice and play, there are specialised airsoft fields and grounds available but you could also consider playing in a private field/on private land. Be sure to never play airsoft in public areas such as parks and school grounds.
  7. If choosing to play on private property ensure that you have the owner’s permission and that the owners are properly informed regarding what you intend to use the space for.
  8. Practice makes perfect. Spend some time practicing your shot and shooting techniques, remembering that there is no such thing as “enough practice”.
  9. Choose as airsoft game to play. Some of the most popular games including milsim, last man standing and skirmish. There Isa wealth of information available online about all of the available games so take your time looking at each.
  10. Have fun! Although there is always going to be an element of completeness in all sport, remember to have fun and enjoy yourself, while thinking about safety at all times.