Addressing neck injury: What you need to know

Neck injury is a very common form of injury in the UK. Injuries to the neck a typically constitute those in the area extending from your head and along the top of your spine, including all the surrounding ligaments, muscles and tendons. The neck is a highly sensitive and potentially vulnerable area. , There may be legal implications involved in a neck injury, if  it has been a trauma sustained in circumstances that were not your fault or due to another’s negligence. If this is the case, you may be entitled to neck injury accident compensation and could be supported in making a claim.


Neck injury claims which are common in the UK?

1)      Car accident whiplash claims – in a car accident, the head can be thrown backwards and forwards in a violent manner, often due to a sudden impact.  Frequently this can cause damage to the neck muscle, which over the course of a few hous becomes inflamed and tender.  Occassionally, the force involved is serious enough to cause damage to the cervical spine itself.

2)       Accidents aggravated in the workplace – another common circumstance where neck injury can occur is in a working environment where employees are required to complete tasks of heavy lifting. If the lifting required is too heavy or the correct precautions are not taken, this can lead to severe straining of the neck muscles and subsequent injury

3)      Motorcycle injuries– the neck is a vulnerable area when you are a motorcyclist, and injuries can involve particular strain to the base of the neck and cervical spine

Get the support you need

Neck injuries do vary significantly according to their circumstances, but their impact can be highly damaging if unaddressed. It is essential that if you have sustained a neck injury in a situation you believe was not your fault, that you have access to full legal support.