Bring back the art of letter writing

In the age of technology, with ways of communication ever-evolving, it can be easy to forget the more traditional methods of keeping in touch. Yet tradition has a power in itself, and especially in business, nothing speaks authority more than a hand-signed letter.


Business and personal

And the benefits of letters do not just apply to business either. A common romantic image is the ‘love letter’, and it can be a real marker of dedication, if you have taken the time and effort to write to someone. Sending letters, after all, whether written or typed, deserves to be recognised as important. It is the physical evidence of communication and can have a profound impact. To move back to a business context, you can also include physical attachments in a letter – which is not possible through technology! For example, if you want to send a brochure, leaflet, advertisement of your service or whatever else, a physical letter will facilitate this for you. Therefore it can be a rewarding and worthwhile process!

Envelopes matter too

coloured envelopes

However, writing the letter is only half of the process. The necessary next step lies in having the right envelope for the process! With a good envelope you will be able to incorporate everything you are intending to send – and that isn’t all! In fact, you can go a step better and opt for different designs and even coloured envelopes so you can convey mood and meaning in your correspondence.