Burglary Prevention This Summer

Top tips to help prevent burglaries this summer:

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  1. Make sure that you lock all windows and doors before going anywhere, as recent studies have shown that one in three burglaries occur because of an open door or window. Even if you leave a room make sure that you close the windows.
  2. If your garden is open make sure that after nice sunny day you take all of your belongings inside with you instead of leaving anything outside. Also if you have a garden shed or an outhouse make sure that they have appropriate locks.
  3. Some burglars have been known to disguise themselves as cold callers, to act as a distraction before committing burglary offences. If a cold caller comes to your door make sure that you ask to see their identification, don’t pay cash up front, do not sign anything on the spot and do not let them enter your property.

Another important thing to remember is to place your most valuable items in a safe deposit box. If you are looking for a high-quality safe, at an affordable price one company that could assist you is The Safe Deposit Centre. For further information you can visit their website: www.thesafedepositcentre.co.uk