Car Vs Public Transport on Holiday


Are you going on holidays and can’t decide whether you want to use public transport or hire a car? Then it is important to weigh out both benefits and see which is the most beneficial for you. When going on holiday it is paramount that you’re able to get around and explore the country, whether it is going sight-seeing or taking a trip to a beach. The important question though is shall you rent or car or just stick to public transport? In this blog we will be covering the benefits of renting a car…

Benefits of Renting a Car on Holiday


  • Nothing is worse than being stuck on a stuffy bus or train, where it is crowded and all you want to do is reach your destination. That is why we advise people to rent a car, because you have the luxury of getting to your destination quicker, due to not having to stop off in places. Not only this but you’re surrounded by your friends and family and will be a lot more comfortable to travel in.
  • If you’re thinking, ‘well I might get lost’ then this isn’t always the case. Because with a car, they often have GPS where it tells you where to go, or you can even use your phones, because after all we do live in the twenty-first century.
  • The payments are often reasonable low, so you won’t have to worry about running out of money.
  • Using public transport doesn’t only take time due to them stopping off at various places, but also because they go the long way round, whereas if you were in a car you could take shorter and faster routes.
  • You’re able to choose a car which will suit your needs, for example if you’re wanting to go on off road trips, rent a car or a 4×4. However, if it’s just two of you exploring the country, then why not rent a convertible, this way you can have the luxury of driving and also enjoy the sun too.
  • You have the freedom of just going anywhere you want and sometimes renting works out cheaper than get taxis and public transport to places, especially if you’re travelling a far way.
  • Going on holiday is all about improving your quality of life and being comfortable. Renting a car provides you with both, sitting on comfortable seats whilst travelling somewhere can take the boredom out of the journey.
  • You will have experience in driving in another country, which may be helpful in later life.
  • You may have the opportunity to choose a green car, which can help you save further money.

As you can see renting a car has many benefits, as well as leasing a car does. So if you’re wanting to save your time and travel in luxury then a hiring a vehicle is the way you need to go.