Cheap ‘Wonky Veg’ boxes now available in Blackburn

Jamie Oliver inspired ‘Wonky Veg’ boxes are now available at five of supermarket chain ASDA’s East Lancashire Stores, including their Blackburn store. This has come about as part of a huge scheme to cut waste and household bills.

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The knobbly and wonky-shaped vegetables that come in these boxes are perfectly edible and are in many ways even better that the standard uniformed vegetables that you often see in stores. These boxes have previously proved to be a success in various other ASDA stores across the country and the staff members at Blackburn ASDA are so happy that they are able to offer these great boxes to their customers for the tiny cost of £3.50 each.

Every one of these boxes include 5 kilograms of fresh produce which is enough to feed a family of four for a full working week and also works out 30% cheaper than standard lines! The contents of these boxes do vary depending on the season and other factors but things you can expect to be included are potatoes, carrots, peppers, cabbage, leeks, onions and parsnips, to name a few.

Incorporate these fun and individual vegetables into your meals

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