Could Google Pigeon spell positive change for your local business?

With Google making changes as frequently as ever it can pay dividends to keep your ear close to the ground when it comes to search engine algorithm news, and that was proven true recently when widespread changes were made to local search.




The Penguin Update

The algorithm in question, named Google Pigeon and believed to have been rolled out in the United States in late July, primarily affects local businesses and has already been reported to have resulted in some significant changes. Researchers have found that industries like hospitality, food and education have skyrocketed while real estate and jobs have fallen dramatically.

The goal of Pigeon is to return more organic results for users and is reckoned by some to potentially be the biggest update for several years. While it’s currently restricted to US users, as is so often the case with new algorithms, most anticipate it being rolled out in the UK and elsewhere relatively soon.

More than anything, this continued path towards location-based search is further evidence of how important it is for small businesses to take local SEO seriously. If you’re in the UK and you have a business that targets a specific town, city or region then the impending Google Pigeon changes are likely to affect your online presence. To protect yourself and take full advantage of incoming tweaks, we recommend contacting Ranking Solutions – a digital marketing agency known for protecting clients from all of Google’s biggest updates, including Panda and Penguin.

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