E cigs: positive progress away from tobacco cigs?

E-cigs are soaring in popularity, especially as an aid to help people stop smoking. Although there have been arguments put forward against e-cigs by sceptics, it is ultimately important to view e-cigs as so much more beneficial than their tobacco counterparts. When viewing an e-cig as a preventative measure to smoking quantities of Tobacco, a number of advantages become evident.

More and more people choose to buy e liquids and e cigs as a primary method of helping them give up tobacco cigarettes.

But why are e-cigs popular and potentially more positive?

1)      No harmful smoke – e-cigs operate on a basis of steaming nicotine over water vapour, with the waste vapour released into the atmosphere – not harmful. This is dramatically different when compared with Tobacco cigarettes, which can kill with their second-hand smoke heavy in numerous chemicals and tar

2)      No tar – the absence of tar from e-cigs means that the lungs are not being blocked by the sticky substance.

3)      Avoid the smell of smoke – in choosing an e-cig, the smell of smoke no longer becomes an issue. Furthermore, it is does not damage your hair and nails, and there are even e-liquid options which can actively freshen your breath – such as mint and full flavours

4)      E-cigs can satisfy your cravings – an e cig not only gives those stopping smoking the hit of nicotine they need, which can be gradually weaned down, but also can provide a taste sensation in a flavoured option. Flavours can range from sweet to savoury and can satisfy simultaneously the cravings to have something to hold and taste which many people worry about when giving up smoking. This means too that those giving up do not have to fear the prospect of weight gain

5)      Cheaper than cigarettes -there are a number of quality companies who provide effective e-cigarette kits which are so much more long-lasting than conventional tobacco cigarettes which work out at a much higher long term expense

6)      E cigs are a growing industry with a number of designs and decorations available

Be at ease

Furthermore, whilst many people often have issue with tobacco smoking, whilst smoking an e-cig, there is not the issue of second-hand smoke or smell which can make it much easier to engage in social situations.

Many e-cig providers are in turn passionate that e-cigs can be used constructively as a force for good when giving up tobacco smoking.