Five Things You Should Know About Hydroponics

Hydroponics presents an alternative method of growing plants and produce – one in which eliminates the need for soil. Rather than using soil, when growing hydroponically, nutrient rich solutions are used. Fast and efficient, more and more people all over the world are now starting to take up hydroponic growing because of the many benefits that it offers. For example, if you were to grow in this amazing way, here are just five of the things that you could expect:

Saves Water – Did you know that when growing hydroponically, people are able to grow the same amount of plants and produce using up to 90% less water? This is because hydroponic systems are specially designed to recirculate water, allowing for water to be used time and time again instead of being wasted. The only water that is lost when growing in this way is that through evaporation and occasional reservoir changes.

Saves Space – Hydroponic growing, doesn’t take up as much room as traditional growing methods using soil. In fact, approximately 4 times more crops can be grown in the same amount of space. This is because plants no longer extensive root zones to search through soil for their nutrients and minerals – instead minerals and nutrients needed for ultimate growth are delivered straight to the plants roots, enabling them to thrive.

No Soil – With soil, gardeners and growers are typically faced with a certain degree of uncertainty – this is because organisms like to live in soil which can often lead to soil-borne pathogens etc. Not only this but when growing conventionally using soil, it is hard to monitor exactly how much nutrients your plants are getting. Hydroponic however, allows you to be the master of your grows – completely controlling your plants and in making it much more likely for ultimate results to be accomplished.

Double Speed – Because when growing hydroponically you are in complete control, you are able to replicate the most perfect growing conditions using Gavita Lights, fans and other hydroponics equipment. This allows for plants and produce to be grown much quicker, in many cases up to twice as fast!

Helping the Environment – Hydroponics actually helps the environment for so many reasons , for example it frees up more space outside for other agricultural purposes, and stops trees from being cut down, and also it allows for more food to be grown locally reducing food miles.