Get your home ready for winter!

When winter strikes the British Isles the weather gets cold, and fast. There are a few ways you can ensure that your home is ready for winter before the wintry weather sets in. Staying warm is important, because cold can lead to illness and it can be fatal for the elderly or babies. There are a few important measures you can take to keep warm this winter.

The best things you can do

Double glazing
Having double glazing installed can be one of the best money saving moves you can make. While it is usually done for aesthetic reasons, having good quality windows can help to minimize drafts and improve the containment of heat in the home.

Solar Panels
Getting solar panels installed just before winter may seem a little pointless – but worry not; however they still can save you money on your bills! Any daylight (which there is every day) will make the panels work, and whilst darker days will inevitably produce less energy, they will still subsidise some of the heavy usage your utilities get during the winter.

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Insulation is another factor of home improvement that’s often overlooked. There are many companies claiming to do it for free, but if your house has never had it done before it can be done with help from the government. Having cavity walls and lofts insulated improves heat retention throughout the house and again will improve the cost of energy bills as a result.

Keep your boiler maintained

Having your boiler serviced is as important as having your car serviced. If your boiler breaks in the midst of winter you will regret not getting it checked. Having a gas-safe engineer giving it the once-over every year will ensure you rarely have any big expenses and will help reduce the need for a new boiler while making your current one last longer.

Get South Thames Plumbing and Heating to help
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