Great White Mycorrhizae Fungi from Tropicanna Horticulture

Leading UK hydroponic store Tropicanna Horticulture, who stock leading hydroponic equipment at affordable prices has recently introduced Great White Mycorrhizae Fungi to their range, enabling their customers to be happier than even before (if that’s even possible).

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But what is Great White Mycorrhizae Fungi? Great White is the ultimate mycorrhizal product currently available on the market, containing eleven species of beneficial bacteria, fifteen species of mycorrhizal fungi and two species of Trichoderma. This formula ignites plant and root growth, providing everything that is needed to produce maximum yields. Here are some of the benefits for you to see:

  • Reduces drought stress
  • Reduces the amount of water and fertiliser needed
  • Increases fruiting and flowering
  • Increases water and nutrient uptake and storage
  • Increases root growth
  • Promotes extensive root system
  • Promotes plant establishment

Tropicanna Horticulture offers so much more also. Offering everything that could possibly be needed to grow hydroponically for both beginners and enthusiasts alike – they do not miss anything out. From complete hydroponic kits to lighting and nutrient options, if you are looking for anything hydroponic related they are sure to be able to assist you. Not only that, but as hydroponic enthusiast they are able to offer the utmost leading advice and guidance.