Has Offline Advertising reached its demise?

A serious question is asked here.

For as long as business infrastructures have been going, companies, institutions and business of all shapes and sizes have been successfully promoting their products, brands and services using a plethora of offline advertising techniques.



These range from posters, to newspaper spreads, flyers, chalkboards and sandwich boards back in the earlier days and of course with the introduction of the television during the second quarter of the last century, TV ads became the king of advertising for many household brand names.

As you will still see all around you, Offline Advertising still plays a very important role in the running of businesses and companies across the world, and without it, I believe that many industries would suffer.

The most vulnerable would be those companies and businesses who count on impulse purchases such as confectioners, alcoholic drinks manufacturers, department stores, flowers and gift companies and many more. Without sufficient offline advertising campaigns, you can imagine the lack of their advertising presence would turn our minds away if the craving took hold.

Perhaps the craving would never appear if not confronted with advertisements for juicy burgers or the latest fashion trends and sales. So as an answer to the question, I still believe that many industries will continue to make the most of offline advertising well into the future.