Hosting an event? Get a hog roast!

If you’re hosting an open air event this year where families, friends and locals are joining in, there’s no better way to host it than with a hog roast. At this time of year, there are many events to go to, including bonfires, and Christmas markets, all outdoor with many means of warming up with food and drink. From bonfire toffee, to mulled wine, you can always be sure to find something to snack on, but hog roasts are becoming increasingly popular at these events.


Why are they so special?


Hog roasts go way back and have traditional value in many cultures, including Hawaii and America, with hog roasts often being cooked on Christmas Eve or Memorial Day. Hog roasts are a great way to host celebrations, be it for birthday’s, weddings, bonfire night or Christmas parties, they’re interesting and most of all, tasty.

Hog roasts for your event

Served with various menu options depending on your event, you can be sure with a hog roast you will get all the expertise, taste and atmosphere from professional hog roasters. The Yorkshire Hog can provide a full hog roast, chef and all for a price you can afford. With customisable menu options depending on how many are due to attend the event, The Yorkshire Hog can provide everything you need. What’s more, if you need a hog roasting machine for commercial use, they can also provide an extended hire option which can provide you with a great return on investment.

If you’re wanting to provide a hog roast for a few events in a row, you can hire a machine, or if you’re looking to host a one off event and want to be part of it yourself, hog roast Batley specialists can provide you with everything you need for a good price.

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