How Hydroponics Has Taken the World by Storm

Hydroponics is a process that the world has taken to rapidly over the last few years. But why has this growing process become so popular? Why has the rise in gardening gone up thanks to hydroponics? And how easy is it for you to jump onto the hydroponics bandwagon?

The Rise

The process of hydroponics allows for plants, vegetables and fruit to be grown without the need for soil. Mineral nutrient solutions are used instead, and this has made it especially popular in parts of the world in which struggle to use fertile soil for growing. Africa has taken hydroponics to massively increase crop yields, and it isn’t just the lack of soil which makes hydroponics so popular.

The ability to control and enhance the produce is also why everyone has taken to hydroponics, as with the use of a grow box, grow lights and boosters, whatever you grow can be shaped to exactly how you want it. Huge tomatoes and constantly successful results are possible through the use of hydroponics, which is much more preferable than the trial and error that can come with the weather when growing outdoors.

And it’s easy to set up too. A grow kit to start is all you need, and it’s so easy to get into the gardening habit you won’t want to stop! One Stop Grow Shop sell everything you need to get started, and carry on once you’re more experienced!

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