Is your garage as efficient as it can be?

It’s summer, a time of plans and projects, especially in terms of DIY. It also offers much opportunity for those who enjoy working in their garage, as the longer days and longer nights offer more opportunity to get creative. However, whatever the time of year, an essential consideration is – garage heating. Is yours good enough?


Why is having effective heating in the garage important?

When it’s a working space, a garage should be as comfortable as possible. This includes having the appropriate heating, as well as ventilation. Temperatures can drop dramatically, even at this time of year, especially in the later evenings and early mornings. In turn, a heating mechanism is needed to regulate temperature and to avoid spoiling equipment also.

Temperature control is important for a productive working space. So if you are an employee or employer in a garage setting, making sure heating is sorted will keep things secure over the summer, as well as become an essential in the winter months.

Top tips

  • Ensure insulation – by making sure your ceiling and garage walls are insulated. This prevents energy being wasted and retains heat.
  • A forced-air option – these are the types of heaters which can be readily purchased and are often used effectively  to keep the air warmer closer to the ceiling, and cooler nearer the floor. This allows for effective working conditions, especially over long periods of time
  • Infra-red – ideal of your garage is a dusty environment, for example if you work with sawdust or shavings around, an Infra-red heater may be a preferable option. Why? It is does not keep dust air borne as it does not raise it in the first place

However, selecting a heating option for your garage can be complicated, although rewarding, and therefore it is essential to seek the best provider of all the necessary equipment.