Just Five of the Reasons to Grow Hydroponically

Hydroponics is the name for the process of growing plants without soil and it can be used to grow absolutely any type of plant. Growing in popularity due to its numerous amazing benefits, we thought that we would provide you with just a few here:

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  1. Higher yields – When growing hydroponically many people find yields to be around three times larger than that on traditionally grown plants
  2. Greater choice of locations – hydroponic growing can take place absolutely anywhere and even indoors meaning that it is not limited but poor soil areas etc.
  3. Less work –hydroponic systems do not require a lot of work. Digging, ploughing, fertilising and soil conditioning are all things which are eliminated if you choose hydroponics
  4. Controlled growing conditions – as you can control the conditions your plants are grown in you can expect quicker growth rates and also your growth is a lot less likely to be affected by diseases and pests
  5. Water efficiency – hydroponics growing uses a lot less water

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