Leaving a legacy

The new business model doesn’t look like the old one. Careers only a decade ago looked like ladders with people climbing each rung a dreary step at a time. Nowadays the world of work resembles more of a jungle gym. With people branching out from discipline to discipline with plenty of overlap in between. Transferable skills are crucial. And so, many businesses find themselves spread thinly, with marketing companies’ co-ordinating their advertising strategy, someone else for their interior design, someone else for their social media and so on and so forth. But the pioneers in business are doing something far more effective; they are streamlining their services to ‘trim the fat’ and remain self-sufficient. The more you can do in-house, the less dependent you are on the divergent and scattered services of multiple agencies who can assist you in running your own.

Knowledge is power


Ignorance is not bliss in a competitive marketplace. Awareness is crucial if you want to feel like you know what you are actually doing in regards to all areas of your business. Sometimes it can be tempting to leave the work to someone else who can figure out all the nitty-gritty (and often dull) details for you. But this method is not cost-effective nor sustainable in all cases. This is why if you don’t know what SEO means but you know you want to come up in searches when potential clients Google for you, you should probably find out (answer: it stands for search engine optimization).

Survival of the self-sufficient

The world is changing. Rapidly. In fact, it probably doesn’t look like how it did when you woke up this morning. The entirety of human knowledge is doubling every decade. The entirety of it. In such a climate it is beyond beneficial to be independent in the present so that you may be interdependent in the future. Only if you stand alone in your own right, can you collaborate effectively with others. This is how movements begin and continue.