Naturalise as a British citizen

If you’ve over the age of 18 and you’ve held indefinite leave to remain for 12 months, have been in the UK as a legal resident for 5 years, intend to work and live in the country or work for the UK government or a British business overseas, are judged by the Home Office as having a “good character”, have an adequate understanding of the UK and you’re competent in English, Welsh or Scottish Gaelic then you’re eligible to receive British citizenship by naturalisation. However, if you’re in a civil partnership or married to a British citizen then you can apply for naturalisation after only 3 years of legal residence in the United Kingdom.



Under the Immigration Act 1971, as a naturalised citizen you’ll be able to work and live in the United Kingdom. You also won’t be subject to any immigration control.

Unfortunately, people can spend close to 6 months waiting on a judgement on their naturalisation application, with application fees costing £1,550 for joint and £874 for single applications. The good news is that there are immigration specialists out there who can not only help to improve your chances of being approved for citizenship by naturalisation, but they’ll also make completing the process less timely.

There are many thousands of people applying for naturalisation each year, meaning that it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to get approved, which is why many turn to companies like Garth Coates for expert help.

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