New York: Why it is One of the Greatest Cities in the World

There are more and more people moving to start a new life abroad, for example Australia, Spain, America, Canada. There are many beautiful cities across the world but I’m sure that New York has to stand out of one of the greatest cities in the world, and for what reason? If you’re considering on moving abroad to live in a city, then we would definitely advise you to consider New York.

Reasons Why New York is so Great:

  • People just don’t care, you can literally do any activity at any time of the day and no one will turn their head. Many people think that New Yorkers are incredibly welcoming and open to anyone, perfect for people who are open to anything.
  • Cheap and tasty food – like slices of pizza!
  • Because of how big New York is there are plenty of opportunities, so if you’re moving abroad and want to find a job then we can guarantee that you will be able to find something in the big apple. But it isn’t just job opportunities which are available to you, there are things like trying out new food and restaurants, meeting a variety of different people and learning about new cultures.
  • New York is known it’s unique style and that even include neighbourhoods – showing its diversity.
  • You do have the option to visit or live in a quieter area, this is perfect for anyone who wants to live in New York but can’t deal with the big city life… so why not take a look at some of the other neighbourhoods.
  • You might even ‘find yourself’ there. When people think about finding themselves they automatically think about travelling, however you’re able to find yourself doing numerous things and that includes living in a city, for example New York. The city is full of different people, personalities and styles of fashion – therefore if you’re interacting with people you normally wouldn’t have, you might change your own style and learn more about yourself.
  • Let’s not forget about the plenty of vintage shops which they have there, I’m not forgetting about the plenty of branded shops like Gucci and Versace. However, if you can’t afford that then there are plenty of little side shops which sell plenty of jewellery and clothing, perfect for New Yorkers.
  • New York never sleeps, so if you’re a party animal, or simply just love the city life then you have to try living in New York – you will get to reap the benefits and creating memories you can certainly tell the kids.
  • Let’s not forget about the attractions, for example the Empire State Building and Central Park.

As you can tell there are plenty of reasons why New York would be such a great place to live, whether you want to live in a city, meet new people, or just experience the big apple first-hand. So take the plunge and go get it.