Polymer Ready Security Safes Now Available

Polymer banknotes are going to be here soon, with the new Bank of England five pound polymer notes being issued in September this year and ten and twenty pound notes by 2020. These notes are being introduced for numerous reasons but some of the main advantages include them being cleaner, more secure and more durable than the current paper notes.

strong rooms

Due to this some of the people with safes are now panicking, unsure what they are going to do going forward as many safes are now designed especially for the paper notes. Luckily however, Associated Security has now introduced a polymer ready safe to their range so that their customers are able to prepare for the big change. These new safes in which they are offering are also able to cater for the requirements of the new one pound coins.

If you have any questions regarding these new safes or simply require further information, don’t hesitate to give Associated Security a call as they will be delighted to help you in any ways possible. You can also visit their website to view al of their security solutions and strong rooms here: www.associated-security.co.uk