Professional rubbish collection

Elephant Removals, a London moving company specialising in local, national and international moves. They know a thing or two about what’s required to make a move as comfortable and stress free for the client as possible.



Because they’ve been responsible for providing exactly that for the better part of a decade, working with thousands of clients to deliver moving solutions that are as affordable as they are professional. They’ve built a reputation for being one of the best London-based providers of removal options and they have a large choice of service selections that you can choose from today.


One of the lesser known services at Top Removals is their rubbish disposal option. Far from being rubbish, the service is as professional and useful as it gets, designed to make life easier for you when you’re moving home and provide you with an easy and legal way to get rid of any rubbish that you no longer need. For many people getting rid of rubbish can be an afterthought which often leads to problem as they’re often unprepared for the amount of mess that they’re even inheriting in their new building or leaving behind in their previous.



Rubbish removals are a great idea if you’re moving home or office, or you’ve simply got a lot of unwanted junk lying around after a big house job and you need a simple way of absolving yourself of it. The professional, courteous and personable team at Top Removals can help you with a large range of safe and clean disposal options, providing you with a quality alternative to more traditional means of rubbish and materials removal, such as skip hire. Their services are underlined by experience and a customer friendly approach that prioritises your needs and wants.

The disposal options offered by Top Removals include post-building work tidying up, standard rubbish removal, daily refuse collection options and office & home clearances (including lofts).