Recipe ideas for leftover hog roast

As anyone that has ever held a hog roast will already probably know, no matter how many guests attend your event, for some reason, there always seems to be lots of leftover meat. We absolutely hate the thought of this gorgeous meat going to waste, so here we have put together a few recipe ideas in which you could use to finish off your pork:

Hog roast Oldham

  • Enjoy as it is. Simply dress the meat with salt, pepper, olive oil and vinegar as well as any other herbs you may like, and enjoy with some crusty bread and salad
  • Lasagne. Finely chop up your leftover meat and add to a tomato sauce (homemade if possible, with plenty of vegetables), then layer with lasagna sheets, white sauce and finally top with cheese
  • Shepherd’s pie. Again finely slice your meat, and then fry with onions, garlic, cumin, chilli powder and tomato sauce. Add stock and flour and cook till nice and thick. Then add mash potato with melted cheese on top
  • Pizza. Left over hog roast meat makes a perfect pizza topping
  • Pork and egg fried rice. Boil rice and season, then add beaten-up-eggs, soy sauce, diced pork and plenty of veggies

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