Reduce the stress of moving in London

Moving in London is an opportunity for to prospect and progress – for it is a thriving area. Whether you are moving from one London property to another or moving to London from further afield, there is sure to be so much opportunity ahead. Yet with the media often focusing on the issues of house prices and expense, people are often left short of removals advice. In turn, this is a page dedicated to celebrating moving in London and giving you some top tips to help you see that the removals London process  can be as stress free as possible.


Some top tips

  • Pack in advance – even a few months in advance  for packing belongings you do not use on a daily basis but are more ornamental, for example pottery, artwork an books, can be helpful. Having these secure in boxes as soon as possible before the move means you can make the time to handle them with care and get them sorted. Wrapping wall decorations and pottery especially in bubble wrap is important for when in transit.
  • Accept a helping hand – when you are moving across the city, doing this manually with your own belongings can be difficult. When you opt for a removal company, staff will know the moving process and the city so well they will be able to apply the knowledge to make the process as straightforward as possible for you.
  • Consider storage – removal companies can also offer storage solutions. This is especially important if you are trying to gauge how much equipment/belongings a new space can hold – for example if you if you are transferring office space but are also buying some new equipment or  are moving to an already furnished or partially furnished  property.

A supportive source

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