Regular maintenance of air hoses can save you from serious injury

Fluctuations in temperature, together with wear and tear from moving components can all lead to hazards arising, especially with compressed air lines. If left unchecked, the results can be deadly, and each year there are a number of serious injuries that are suffered by workers when failures occur in pressurised hoses.





Is critical in preserving a good level of health & safety, offering peace of mind to employees and employers alike who know that problems such as burst air lines are highly unlikely. Taking good care of equipment and hose lines, reporting issues as soon as they arise and replacing parts and hoses are all good practices to use in any workplace, helping to reduce incidents from happening.


Dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of pipes and hoses for industrial and domestic uses, The Hosemaster is a company that continually raise awareness in regards to hose safety and have an expert team of specialists on hand to assist in helping you choose the right products for all applications. In addition they provide all the fixtures and connectors to ensure the correct parts are used when repairing or replacing worn or damaged air lines, hydraulic pipes and more.

Taking the time to properly inspect compressed air systems in the workplace could save you from expensive downtime, loss of revenue and more importantly, avoidable accidents from occurring. With many items available through their website, The Hosemaster is committed to supplying you with all the parts you could possibly need for hydraulic and pneumatic applications, including a large selection of ducting and gauges, ball valves, fittings and couplings.

Contact their team today via the website and discuss your request with a competent expert who can best help you in sourcing the replacement parts you need to maintain health and safety within your premises or home garage today.