SEO: It’s Simpler than You Think!

SEO, otherwise known as search engine optimisation refers to the activities and strategies used to improve search engine rankings for companies. Search results on search engines such as Google display links to pages that the search engines consider to be relevant to search terms and authoritative – With authority typically most measured by analysis of quality links from other webpages to particular websites and companies. Websites and webpages of a wide variety hold the ability to rank highly on Google and other search engines – providing that they have the most appropriate and beneficial SEO in place.

SEO Manchester

Having great content on a website is very important for SEO – this encourages people to link to said website and shows Google that webpages are interesting and authoritative, which is something that Google is constantly looking for to display on their front pages as we earlier mentioned. Content should always be useful, this will not only aid rankings, but also ensure that people are willing to share the content, whether that be on social media, blog or anything  else.


SEO is a strategy designed to ensure that websites can be found within the search engines for keywords and phrases relevant to their products and services. Upon consulting some SEO agencies for assistance, people are bombarded with science and statistics which are hard to understand, but you will find that the most reputable and professional SEO Manchester companies always state what they do to assist clearly, and are able to answer all questions regarding their SEO work. The simplest way to describe SEO is this:

  1. Write great, useful and informative content in which website visitors want to read, incorporating keywords and phrases that people search when looking for your products and services
  2. Make the content easy for people to share and link to – This can be accomplished by putting ‘share’ buttons in place and linking through to social media
  3. Keep repeating these two steps

Another thing that you need to know about is links. When it comes to links it is vital that people so not confuse quality with quantity. It is much better to have a few great quality links than multiple rubbish ones. Links that will help you the most when it comes to rankings are one’s consisting of great, natural content.

Basically, although SEO is simpler to understand than many originally think, it is still hard to get right and therefore companies should always leave this to the professionals whom know the industry inside and out, and have access to resources and information that other do not.

Top tip: Stop considering employing an SEO agency – and do it today! You will not regret it.