Separate yourself from renting rage

Due to a void between the ever-increasing prices of buying a house and the current average wage, the UK has been dubbed as ‘Generation Rent’; a crude and literal name to explain people’s lack of ability or even motivation to buy a place of their own, instead relying on private renting.

Whether you’re a Tenant or a Landlord, renting can become a hostile experience unless all parties are willing to compromise and help each other out. For a tenant, when getting ready to leave one place to move into another, they will be eagerly awaiting and probably relying on the return of their deposit; for a Landlord it is having a place that is in order and ready to move a new set of tenants in.


If you’re trying to juggle family life and work, and don’t have time to pack up, move out, unpack and then return to your previous place to clean crayon marks off of the walls, or conversely, maybe you are a university student renting accommodation, the last thing you want is to have to clear up the inevitable mess of living in a house with 8 other untidy people, as many students find themselves doing.

After a year of parties, the bare minimum amounts of cleaning being done and that stench that no one can find the origin of, why not secure the return of your deposit by hiring professional end of tenancy cleaner to do the hard work for you?

They will get those carpets cream again, the ominous stains off of the walls and make the place smell more like a house than a hovel; this can help to ensure the return of your deposit and prevent your Landlord from having a reason to make your life awkward.


The frantic scramble between one tenant moving out and another tenant being due to move in is often a stressful time, particularly if you rent out various properties, and even more so if said properties are inhabited by students, who all leave and are replaced around the same time.

Whilst you might be left in a stick mess with the cleaning by your previous tenants, renting deposits technically only cover damages to the property. But regardless, you want to make sure your new tenants are happy and moving into a clean, happy place.