The Benefits of Choosing a Recruitment to Recruitment Agency

A recruitment consultant is a rewarding job position, and one which can help many in finding the right work, but it can be a challenge to move to a different sector, due to the huge amount of competition in the industry. It can be a nightmare to go it alone, but with the help of a recruitment to recruitment agency, they can help find the new role best suited to you.




Recruitment through Agencies

Choosing a recruitment to recruitment (or rec to rec) agency opens up a number of possibilities in the industry, thanks to the connections and expertise the agencies have in the field of rec to rec. They can send your CV off to places with the best chances of success, and they push forward the talent, rather than bombarding companies with CV after CV.

It isn’t just a case of having your CV sent off to the right places, a decent rec to rec agency will also offer advice and full communication for the full process, as they set up interviews tailored to the correct skill sets and requirements. Each individual is treated as such, and there can even be an opportunity to find work within the agency itself, if they have the right role available.

For recruitment to recruitment agencies in London, GSR2R should be your first port of call, thanks to the excellent service and results they provide.

Rec to Rec with GSR2R

GSR2R is a leading recruitment to recruitment agency, situated in London, helping clients find recruitment jobs throughout the city. They aid recruiters in a wide range of market sectors, including insurance, legal, professional services, marketing PR and market research, fashion and retail, and pharmaceutical to name just a few. They see each recruitment consultant as an individual, and can find the right role for them through their close relationships with the best recruitment firms in the industry. With over ten years in the business, GSR2R can help shape your future.