The food industry: top trends to watch out for

Whether you work with food, are involved in marketing it or are just interested – there certainly are some big things ahead to keep you interested for 2016. After all, food is a central feature of so many lives; it powers us up for the day and also provides a tasty prospect for when we get home. Keeping aware of upcoming aspects of the industry can not only help you make better business decisions, but also personal plans; for example if you are looking to eat healthier or save money.


Are you prepared?

1)      Pack in more protein – a focus on protein is due to be important this year. It ties in well with resolutions – as people turn to exercise and eating healthier, thus looking to build muscle and burn fat productively. Healthy protein sources are essential for this, as well as naturally filling and often a balanced food source. They are set to play a crucial role in ready-packaged foods with a healthy kick – such as salads and sauces. Ingredients such as lean meats, pulses and even grains like quinoa are expected to make major appearances too.

2)      Pick better packaging – following the climate change talks in Paris towards the end of 2015 and also greater public attention on sustainability, making more efficient food packaging choices expected to be a big focus. This may mean scaling-down on bulky boxes and opting for convenient solutions such as pouches and air-tight wrapping.

3)      Visual appeal – food not only needs to be packed well but offer an attractive appearance well in advance, if it is to make a big impression in 2016. This involves a method of presentation enhancing its qualities.