The Importance of School Trips and Sports Tours

With people not only throughout the UK, but across the globe becoming increasingly litigious and risk-averse, we could be in danger of suffocating today’s children in regulations and rules unless we start to change our perspectives. Life is packed full of challenges, and as parents, guardians and role models we all owe it to children to equip them with life skills, while teaching them about risks. It is absolutely shocking that some people don’t feel as though they can send their children on school trips – The benefits of school trips and school sports tours far outweigh the risks, and it is vital that going forward people realise this and ensure that they allow their kids to get involved.

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Outings for Children 

School trips allow for students to gain experience in the wider world, and although learning in the classroom is also of superior importance, school trips are a complete different ball game – giving pupils the chance to gain an abundance of experience, while facing a range of challenges that can contribute amazingly to their personal development, raising a plethora of interpersonal skills such as team work, leadership, respect and trust. It is important for students to mix together in alternative environments too, it has been reported that many students which have low self-confidence and self-esteem issues excel on residential trips which can result in them encountering better relationships which their classmates once back at school.

Not only this, but school trips such as cricket tours which require students to travel to other countries can be incredibly beneficial, providing pupils with great cultural experiences, ones in which they are likely to remember for years to come.  Other benefits of school-tripping abroad include the chance to meet students in other countries that could possibly become pen pals, increasing the motivation of students, enhancing bonds between children and teachers and the opportunity to learn another language – this is particularly great for those studying languages such as German, Spanish or French at GCSE or any other level.

Of course there are some risks when it comes to school trips however, the risks definitely do not support the levels on concerns that exists amongst parents – and it is important to remember that these kinds of tips are planned thoroughly, with safety an protection in mind at absolutely all times. If you have therefore been questioning whether or not to send your child on their school trip, whether it be in the UK or abroad, we advise that you do so – not only will they thank you but they will also have a super fabulous experience.