The Top Four Things Which Every Hydroponic Beginner Needs

Many people have now change to growing hydroponically over growing it outside in soil. Why is this? Well people prefer to be able to grow all year-round and hydroponics allows you to do this. Not only this but you don’t have to worry about weeding and even save money on your water bills and hydroponics doesn’t require as much water as normal soil grown plants do. As you can tell there are plenty of benefits to why people choose to grow hydroponically, but for new starters it can be rather daunting when thinking about all the things which you need to think about and purchase.

hyper stealth fan

That is why we’re here to help you further, what are the top four things you need to purchase in order to grow hydroponically successfully.

Hyper Fan Stealth

This is a new silenced incline fan that has unrivalled performance under pressure. The Stealth Hyper Fan is similar to the Hyper Fan however it has addition outer casing which dampen any vibrations that are made by the fan itself. Like any fan the more you reduce your fan speed the quieter it will be.


GT 604 Hydroponic Kit 3 with 600w Eurolux Euro Light Kit

This complete hydroponic kit which contains a variety of things, for example the Euro Reflector. This is a low cost and efficient barn-style reflector which is one of the favourite for people starting in the hydroponics world. In addition to this the hydroponic kit also has Parbright 600w Ballast & Bulb with Euro Reflector Kit, this is a variety of things euro reflector, 600w Parbright magnetic ballast and Parbright bulb. The next thing is Grodan Delta Rockwool Blocks ensure the perfect air and water balance the Parbright 600 Hps Bulb is great for flowering and can be used from start to finish. The last thing in the kit is a Tope Rachet Hanger which means you can secure items easily and quickly.

Trojan Gold TG12XS Tent

There are plenty of different grow tents however this is just one of them which is popular in the market at the moment. So what is so great about this grow tent, well is has a thick cover which is great for keeping in light. Not only this but the poles are thick and sturdy and is a great tent to start your hydroponic journey.

Plant Magic Boost

Plant Magic Boost

This is a powerful bio stimulant which increase the activity, not only this but the boost is great for increasing the top-end growth and actually increased nutrient assorption, making growing plants, easier and less time comsuming perfect for everyone.