Unusual Ideas for Portable Buildings

Portable buildings are incredibly popular for a number of reasons. For example people use them when renovations are taking place, as offices, as canteens and much more. But an increasing number of people are choosing to use these buildings now in alternative ways and here are three of the coolest uses that we have come across so far:

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  1. A home on the road – You can put these buildings on wheels and kit out and decorate the inside of them to make them somewhat like a motorhome or caravan.
  2. Garden guest house – You can place a portable building at the bottom of your garden and transform it into a guest house for anyone who stays at your house to enjoy.
  3. Office room – By placing a portable building either inside or outside your home, depending on the space you can create a functional office space where you can go to work – this can also double as a games room, a music room or whatever you fancy.

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