Website design – tips for improving user experience

Website designs are straightforward, right? Wrong! Your website needs to be more than just a pretty design. A professional site ought to take into consideration a number of factors, ticking all the right boxes and providing an experience that will engage visitors and convert them into paying customers. To do that you need a professional approach that is both clinical and creative.




We’ve outlined some essentials for a new site.

Avoid clutter

There are few things as likely to turn people away from your online business home as unnecessary clutter. Pop-ups, banners, ads, buttons, excessive text – these can all overawe visitors, making your pages difficult to navigate and hurting your bottom line.

A good design is simple, making use of white space and flat design properties.

Research, research, research

Not clear on how you want your site to look? If you’re making use of a professional web design service one of the best things to do is recon. Find sites you like the look of, or elements on sites that you love, and show them to the company. The more information they have to go off and the better they understand your vision, the quicker it can be realised.


Text is of the utmost importance and it’s essential to make sure your website can be easily read. You don’t want readers squinting at the screen in annoyance. Tiny type, poor colour choice and novelty fonts could all lead to visitors hovering towards the x icon and leaving your site.


In this day and age a mobile-friendly site is an absolute must. By the day, thousands more are taking to using their smartphones and tablets to browse the internet. If your site isn’t mobile compatible then you’ll lose out in a big way.

Finding a web design agency in Lancashire able to create responsive or mobile sites is easier than ever. If you need help creating a new website to wow visitors and achieve a better conversion rate, visit DML today.