What is a shrink tunnel?

Shrink tunnels are a type of shrink wrapping packaging machinery that provides heat to shrink the shrink wrap. They are generally heated chambers that can be placed strategically over conveyor belts and are used for a variety of things both in offices and in homes.

Available in a vast variety of sizes

The machines can wrap both small and large items and also heavy-duty goods.

Te Matic 18 L Sealer

Automated Packaging

Some of the shrink wrapping tunnels available on today’s market are part of the automated machines which wrap items before going through the conveyor to shrink however, others require humans to manually apply the plastic wrapping before putting through the tunnel. Whatever you specific needs and requirements are, there’s bound to be a machinery option suitable for you. This kind of packaging is highly advantageous for many reasons, hence why it is such a popular packaging choice. For example, shrink wrapping offers ultimate security and protection.

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