Why a grow tent can be the key to productive plant growing

Whatever plants you are looking to grow – whether fruit and vegetable crops or flowering choices – it is of course desirable to get the biggest yield you can, in quick time! Fortunately, this is possible with one of the latest innovations in modern agriculture… hydroponics! This is a method which involves the use of a nutrient solution and carefully controlled conditions – and one of the most straightforward methods of achieving this is through a grow tent.

Things to think about

grow tent pro

Therefore, is it time you considered a grow tent as a way to get to grips with hydroponics? It is an enclosed unit allowing you to create the best conditions possible for your particular plants, and there are also some other advantages to think about…

Some potential positives

  • Maximise efficiency – a tent allows you to achieve the right lighting as well as temperature conditions, because it is a complete unit capable of addressing multiple factors at once. This is so much more efficient than having to buy individual, potentially expensive installations and attempt to co-ordinate them
  • Reduce any unpleasant odours – an issue that some people have with hydroponics is that the growing systems can create an unpleasant smell. However, good grow tents incorporate filtration and ventilation systems, so any such issues can be removed
  • Minimise pests – if you like growing fruit and vegetables, one aspect you may dread is encountering those typical pests such as aphids and greenfly; as these can be destructive! However, with a grow tent you can easily combat these irritants as they enclosure-like design shields your plants from infestation. The grow tent pro is a particularly effective model in this light and an example of a provider is Bradford Hydroponics. For more information you can visit their website: www.bradfordhydroponics.co.uk