Why Window Manifestation is the Number One Choice for UK Businesses

Glass manifestation has grown increasingly popular as the number one method used around the UK to differentiate glass to comply with the law, which states that large panels of glass be easily distinguishable to prevent accidental harm or injury. Document M (Access to and Use of Building) in the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) clearly outlines the requirements for glass manifestations.

The law dictates clear rules on how and where glass manifestation should appear to ensure compliance, but gives free reign on the design, allowing you complete freedom on the creative concepts for your manifestation.

Glass manifestation will turn your plain windows and doors into stunning works of art and the only limits are your own imagination as to what is achievable. Designs can be printed in full colour to give you an outstanding scope for advertising your business or simply creating an inspirational workspace.

Document M specifies that glass entrance doors and partitions must be clearly defined with manifestation on two levels; 850 to 1000 mm and 1400 to 1600 mm above the floor and must clearly contrast visually with the background and be visible through the glass from both sides in all lighting conditions.

Manifestation film can be a repeated logo, lines or bands at the required heights, or full colour digitally-printed designs, ensuring you have the utmost freedom and choice for your manifestation.

When choosing a provider for your glass manifestation, it is advisable to conduct research and ensure you find a supplier with years of hands on practical experience and a portfolio pf satisfied clients. This will ensure you receive expert advice and a quality service from conception to completion.

Benefits of Glass Manifestation

If you are looking for window manifestation, the benefits are numerous:

  • Compliance with UK law
  • Free reign over creative design
  • Cost effective and aesthetically pleasing method for advertising
  • Full range of colours printed
  • Completely transforms your workspace into an inspirational area

If you have large panels of glass which require differentiation, why not join thousands of delighted businesses throughout the UK and consider the merits glass manifestation for your workplace?