Zombie Uprising in the UK

With one gun, and three hours could you survive a zombie outbreak? Zombie Uprising, an apocalyptic real life game has a number of locations across the UK, now including Manchester. The move to Manchester comes after the company searched for games like it in the area and could only find venues too “small” or too “clean”.

Stop the infection

Games like these are popular in October with Halloween approaching, everybody wants to get involved and do something fun and a little different from the ordinary every day.

The event uses airsoft guns where for combat games like this you’d normally expect something like Laser Quest or paintballs, but the use of airsoft means the game is more life-like. The guns are real life replicas of real firearms, and full training is provided by Zombie Uprising.

Want your own?

airsoft guns

Many events like Zombie Uprising permit you to bring your own airsoft guns, and with the sport becoming more popular, more and more people are buying their own. Because the guns look so real, they have to be painted to make sure they are identifiable from a real firearm.

Just BB Guns offer all kinds of airsoft guns and accessories to cater for every need. They can custom paint your gun too. Those under 18 must be supervised at all times with the guns, and only those over 18 years of age can make their own purchases, but the guns, if used properly can be lots of fun in skirmishes and in combat games.

If you’re interested in purchasing your own airsoft gun, visit the Just BB Guns website or call them on 0330 900 5224.